The Shangaan tribe (Tsonga) from South Eastern Africa are a proud and great people. It is believed that ancestors of the Shangaan, who now primarily inhabit an area in Southern Mozambique, originated farther north in central Africa. As these people moved into the Southern area of Africa, they settled in places where they could carry on their traditional pastoral way of life. More recently, the Shangaan came into their present area from farther south, as Soshangane fled with his people from the Zulu massacres of Shaka.

In Southern Africa the Shangaan men are best known...
for the huge size of their penises!

Southern African folklore offers the following story: Immediately after a Shangaan boy is born, a tree is planted in his yard. Some properties from the tree are injected into the boy's body. As a result, the penis will then grow at the pace of the tree. Once the parents are happy with the boy's size, they chop the tree down and the penis stops growing.

We at Mashangaan.com were absolutely intrigued,

not only by the size of the penises of these men, but also whether the folklore was indeed still practised and believed in by the Shangaan people. We set off into Southern Mozambique, one of us fluent in Portuguese from having lived in Brazil for five years.

We spoke to Shangaan men and their women. Not only did we witness much rolling around on the ground with absolute mirth and pride, at the sight of two idiotic white men asking the whys and how’s of the Shangaan Penis size. Fortunately the good-natured Shangaans, once they had stopped laughing at us, explained that...

the story of the tree planting was true.

The root bark from the tree was not injected but actually mixed with the infant’s porridge once he started eating solids. Many men from other African tribes started to use this root bark when they became old enough to realize the secret of the size of the Shangaan Penis. The Shangaans informed us that the root bark works for grown men too, but that the Shangaans will always have the largest penises in the world...

I am a white fifth generation African male. I have seen my fair share of penises in my fifty years on this beautiful continent. Please believe me that the Shangaan man has by far the biggest Penis in the world. We spoke to a local Sangoma (Healer and Spiritual Guide) in Southern Mozambique and he agreed to sell us the root bark which he has blessed personally.

Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world.

Purchasing this product, not only helps their very poor community, it can also help millions of men out there who would like to increase the size of their penises.

We do not claim that you will end up with a 14 inch long, 8 inch diameter Shangaan penis, but we will guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with this product when used according to the directions. You will gain much size and girth!

The product contains 100% finely ground root bark in a vegetable capsule form to be taken orally every morning. Full dosage and use instructions are provided with the product.



The cost of the product is USD200.00 for a three month supply of the ground root bark in vegetable capsule form.

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